Interview with the talented Indian performer Nanveet Singh

Navneet Singh is an Indiar artist from the Punjabi region in Northen India. He has been in the show business for a long time, either as producer or director or even a model. Now, he has decided that it’s time for the next big step in his career and he has become a singer.

In an effort to elevate his singing career, he created a record label named, Ghaint Singh Entertainment, which also produces music videos and movies.

Navneet or, as his friends call him, Navu, came to Greece for the purpose of shooting a music video, alongside with Mr. Ravinder Dariya’s company, name Big Bat Films.

«I heard so many times about Big Bat Films and Music, it is a very well reputed company. I know that Mr. Dariya he is a very kind person. We met through a mutual friend»

His first time in Greece left filled him with positive emotions and he immediately love the Greek people.

«I really like Greece and the people are very friendly and helpful. In some strange way they remind me the region I was born in and it feels like I’m there»

Navu, always pays homage to Punjab through his music because it’s a really important aspect of his life and personality.

«I always try through my music to motivate the young generation and try to give them a good message. I don’t want to hurt anyone through my music or my music videos. That is always in the back of my mind»

This talented individual comes from a Sikh family.

«The turbans I wear, are an expression of my religion and I feel that they enhance my personality. Where ever I go, I always get good comments about my colorful turbans. I mostly prefer dark colors and they must be a complete match with my outfit. It’s more than a piece of clothing, its the symbol of the Sikh region»

Navu is driven by a childhood dream.

«When I was a little child, I was watching a lot of action and thriller movies. I’ve always wanted to be a hero. This childhood dream always gave me inspiration. Also, I want to express myself through my art without limitations. It is very important for me to constantly evolve as an artist»

Navneet, loves his family and his parents, cause as he says, without them he couldn’t have built his own record label.

Interview: Giorgos Maratsis

Editor: Vicky Bafataki

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