Brilliant scientists and artists were awarded at the Giuseppe Sciacca Awards at the Vatican city. Medical Science Award was given to the Greek surgeon Konstantinos Konstantinidis

The Giuseppe Sciacca Awards, for the 19th consecutive year, were completed with great success on Saturday 11 of September, at the Campidoglio in Rome. In the established institution, distinguished in the fields of science and culture from all over the world were awarded, who with their work contribute to the promotion of human knowledge and Excellence at all levels.

From the Greek side, Dr. Konstantinos Konstantinidis was awarded, who is an emblematic scientist, who promotes Greek medicine worldwide.

Dr. Konstantinos Konstantinidis with the princess Maria Pia Ruspoli

The Greek Surgeon Konstantinos Konstantinidis was awarded by Princess Maria Pia Ruspoli. The emblematic robotic surgeon said: “I would like to thank the Giuseppe Sciacca Foundation for the highly honored” Medicine “award given to me. I came from Greece, from the island of Karpathos, which belongs to the Dodecanese, like the island of Kos, where Hippocrates was born. My field is general surgery and I have focused on cutting-edge techniques using innovative laparoscopic and robotic technologies. I have one of the greatest experiences in the world in these fields with over 20,000 surgeries. I was recently awarded by the company that produces the robotics systems Da Vinci as the world’s leading robotic general surgeon.

But this award is different. It’s not about my surgical skills or because I know how to use state-of-the-art aerospace technology to solve surgical problems. It comes from the Giuseppe Sciacca Foundation, which, according to its statutory objectives, focuses on social solidarity initiatives and has implemented a number of diverse projects in many countries. The commitment of the highly prestigious body is particularly focused on strengthening the youth and aid the most wronged. It is a foundation for culture, education, science and volunteering.

I want to dedicate this award to the love of my life, my wife Marilena, for everything she offered me from the first day of our common journey in life! Also to my children Sissy and Michalis!

From the left Deputy President of the Italian Cabinet, the 11th years old Laurent Simons and the General Secretary of G.Sciacca Vicky Bafataki

The Absolute Award was presented by the General Secretary Dr. Vicky Bafataki and S.E. Vice President of the Council of Ministers of Italy in the “miracle child”, Laurent Simons, who at the age of 11 obtained a degree in Physics and aspires to create artificial instruments to prolong human life. The “Sciacca Boat” has been created since 2012 by the sculptor Sakis Chilelis.

The “Sciacca Boat” has been created since 2012 by the sculptor Sakis Chilelis.

The following awards were:

The Research and Development Award was given to 25-year-old Frenchman Romain Fonteyne, Aerospace Engineer at the European Space Agency, where he is preparing the first European rover for Mars.

Savino Zaba, Romain Fonteyne, Massimo Bolla

The Ecology – Environment Award was presented to the Irish Fionn Ferreira, 21 years old by Katerina Nikou, Head of International Relations of Giuseppe Sciacca and by the Deputy Head of Foreign Affairs, Anastasios Theodorakeas. Ferreira is the inventor of an ecological method for extracting microplastic particles from water for which he was ranked world winner at the Google Science Fair 2019.

From the left the Deputy head of foreign affairs Anastasios Theodorakeas, Fionn Ferreira and the Head of International Relations Aikaterini Nikou

Glass Marcano & Maria Elena Uzzo

The 26-year-old Venezuelan Glass Marcano, Conductor of the Mozart Orchestra in Paris, r received the Music Prize, while the Sports Prize was awarded by Dr. Despina Triantafyllou to 18-year-old Mattia Agnese for “good fight”.

Despoina Triantafyllou & Mattia Agnese

Fabio Merli, Ekaterina Bakanova

Special Awards were given to Ekaterina Bakanova – Soprano from Russia and to Professor of Marine Archeology Carlo Beltrame for his outstanding contribution to science.

Senator Maurizio Gasparri, Carlo Beltrame, Antonio Circosta

Cardinal Ernest Simoni, Member of Parliament Marcello De Vito

The Cultura Prize “San José Sanchez Del Rio Martire” was awarded to Cardinal Ernest Simoni, who is considered the modern “living witness” of the faith by the example of his life. The “ceremonial ring” for Cardinal Simoni was created by jeweler Nadia Bele.

The event was opened by Prof. Monsignor Bruno Lima, presented by the famous performer Savino Zaba, while the person who was in charge of the ceremony, was Theano Karatsioumpani.

The person in charge of the ceremony Theano Karatsioumpani and the President of the Giuseppe Sciacca Monsignor Bruno Lima

Aikaterini Nikou, Simons Family, General Secretary of G.S Vicky Bafataki, Leonidas Koulourianos, Anastasios Theodorakeas

Dr. Konstantinos Konstantinidis and the General Secretary of Giuseppe Sciacca Awards

Dr. Konstantinos Konstantinidis and Dimitris Georganas of the office of the International Relations

Sponsors on behalf of Greece: Cheilelis, Nadia Bele, Prince Erotokritos, the coffee chain The Espressionist, the restaurant company EDESMA, the companies Labochem and Desamed. Special thanks to the Confectioneries “Papaparaskeva” & “Kati Allo” for the traditional sweets that were tasted by award-winning and invited guests in Rome, as well as EBE Xanthi.

 Giuseppe Sciacca Press Office 

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